After Care

Eyelash extension / extension of eyelashes is very sensitive. We recommend to do the right treatment so that your eyelash extension can last longer. Proper care and good, can reduce damage / damage to your original eyelashes. Hopefully this guide can provide the right and right after care information so that it is beneficial to you.


Please avoid washing your face, bathing, sauna, hot yoga, swimming etc., in hot and humid places within 6 hours after installation. Glue / eyelash extension glue looks like dry within minutes after installation, but is not totally dry yet . When exposed to water under these conditions, it will easily detach and risk glue / glue to change color to white.

a. Please use a cleansing / makeup remover that does not contain any oil ingredients. The oil material is very easy to absorb between the eyelashes of the original extension and eyelashes, causing the extension of the eyelash quickly to come off when used every day.

b. When doing cleansing and washing your face, do it gently. Avoid rubbing the eye area. For cleansing the eye area please do it gently, from the top of the eyelid to the edge by using the fingers.

Please be careful when using facial toner / lotion with facial cotton / cotton face by way of patting / pat for eyelash area because it can make facial cotton concerning eyelashes extension.Use facial toner / lotion with finger for eye area. If serum / cream skin care containing oil is affected by eyelash extension, please clean with facot cotton or cotton bud that has been moistened.

a. When applying eyeliner, avoid using hard pencil or liner gel. It is advisable to use a soft gel liner or liquid liner to avoid friction between the eyelid extension and roots.

b. If the foundation and eye shadow are exposed in the eyelash extension, wipe it with a dampened cotton bud. If dirt is visible, use cleansing lotion with cutton bud, and clean it gently.

c. Please avoid using mascara. Mascara cleanser will increase the load on the eyelash extension than when not using mascara, which will cause the eyelash extension more ganpang off. If you still want to use mascara, we recommend using a special mascara eyelash extension, or mascara that is not water proof.

d. Please avoid the use of eyelash curler because it will charge the eyelash extension, so that it becomes easily dislodged and can be the cause of the original eyelashes rontoknya. If you still want to raise eyelashes, it is recommended to use electric eyelash curler.