Japanese Face Therapy

Korugi Massage (Lymph Detox Massage) is a face massage method from Japan and Korea which have been practiced to increase the blood flow around face area and to get rid of toxic from our body as well as re-shaping our face back to its original state while tightening the skin and relaxing face muscle.

While it is a common practice in Japan, this method is still new in Indonesia. Within the first 3 months, treatments should be performed every 2 weeks to get the maximum results, which followed by once a month treatment to maintain the shape of your face. No pain no gain, that is what people say and it stays true with this technique. You will control your own progress, there is no pressure whatsoever.

Here is what likely to happen to your face with this treatment:

  • At first treatment, even at normal pressure, you will likely feel pain because our body is not used to it. At this stage, you can control the pressure by telling our beautician to adjust. The stronger you are, the better the result you will get.
  • Our beautician will massage your face on the appointed points to get rid of the toxic from your body as well as tightening your face at the same time.
  • During the treatment, we will appy organic Japanese skin care products to revive your dead cells on your face.
  • You will feel the difference in your face’s shape and your skin will glow as a result of the skin care treatment.